Is Your Blog In need of a Makeover?

Recently I have been considering a make-over for my main Blog, as it as been looking, just a little ragged in places. I am not bored with it, I just want to tweak a few elements of it.
I started by decluttering the side bars, left it for about a month and was still not quite happy.
I have concluded that I neeeed an extreme makeover. I have been been toying with the idea of changing to the Wordpress platform, but is it worth it.

Maryta over at Writing Happiness has written an 18 action step plan titled :-

Give Your Blog a Complete Makeover

I am busy going through her steps,  while I make up m,y mind about changing platforms.

Check it out, if you too are thinking of revamping your Blog, Mrytashares some great tips.

Marketing Your Blog With Trackbacks

I have found a great explaination about trackbacks which are an essential part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and to attract more readers to your Blog.

trackback is the automated process of notifying a blog or site that you linked directly to one of their posts.

Some blogging platforms automatically create a trackback when you link out to a post . Others require using the trackback field to ping their blog.

Once a trackback is created, the blogger will need to verify the link (like a comment) before it will show up on their blog. Once your trackback is approved, your link will display in their comments section.

If the blog has a high enough google rank, this can help your SEO and also bring traffic your way.

This is also a great way for you to link out to other bloggers, and give their readers a way to find relevant posts on your blog!

Credit: Hip Vine

Check out this quick tutorial on Trackbacks which gives more useful information.

How To Create a Great Layout For a Home Video Production Studio

Now that you are starting to create more videos for your website,  have you thought of upgrading from the small area you currently allocate, to a more professional Video Production Studio?
No -   well it It can be done

In a spare bedroom, an unused garage or if  you are blessed to have your own home  office, it is easy to create a studio, which will help you to churn out more professional videos, that will make you money.

Gideon Shalwick, who is THE expert at sharing his proven knowledge on Video Marketing, (a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website),  has just moved to his new office.

Check out Gideon's video above, as he gives you a tour of his new office/video studio, sharing great tips on the logic of his layout.

Note his standing desk - what a great idea!

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